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What is Richlifeology?

As a child, I was taught to study hard, do well in school, graduate, go to college, do well in college, graduate, get a good job, do well at a job, get promoted, get paid, save for retirement, retire, and then die.

Then, sometime in between “do well at a job” and “get promoted” (I was never promoted ever), my path was diverted.

What started as a hobby became a full-time business. The full-time business would eventually lead to a windfall that would free me from constant financial worry.

What should’ve been a very liberating moment, wasn’t. I felt a little like a convict being paroled after 40 years. I felt like Brooks in Shawshank Redemption.

Something like this... but I was younger. And I couldn't pull off this hat.

Something like this… but I was younger. And I couldn’t pull off this hat.

I’d spent my whole life focused on one aspect of my life – my “career” – that I didn’t know how to live a rich life. A fulfilling life. A life that was full rather than one dimensional.

I had hobbies, like everyone else. I played kickball and softball after work. I homebrew beer, enjoy Scotch, hack away in golf, love music, and otherwise enjoyed a litany of pursuits but none with the vigor of work.

Richlifeology is about getting my life back in balance. It’s about learning how to be a better, more well-rounded person.

It’s about juggling the five balls of life (health, family, friends, spirit, and work).

It’s about enjoying life and not simply pursuing the dollar or promotion or external reward.

Richlifeology will be my study of living a richer life.

What Richlifeology Isn’t

It’s not a blog about money, though money is like oxygen. It’s not only everywhere but it’s also essential.

It’s not a blog about personal development and making yourself better each an every day, though I subscribe to that belief and so I’m sure we’ll touch on those issues as well.

Finally, it’s not a blog where I’m an expert on a pedestal and you’re the lowly apprentice trying to learn a trade. We’re in it together and I see myself as a guide, rather than a teacher.

I hope you’ll join me.

– Jim Wang


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